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Anne films ‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ in Puerto Rico

Earlier this month it was announced Anne was the next big star to join Netflix, this time to star in “Mudbound” director Dee Rees’ “The Last Thing He Wanted,” based on the Joan Didion political thriller.

The story is based on the 1996 novel by Joan Didion and centers on hardscrabble journalist Elena McMahon, who finds herself on dangerous ground as the Iran Contra Affair’s arms for drugs plot reaches its tipping point.

We updated the gallery with the first images of Anne filming in San Juan, Puerto Rico, last week.

New “Colossal” TIFF Portrait

We have a new layout!

As you can see, we have now a beautiful new layout here (and in our gallery), thanks to amazing and very talented Ray. Let me know if you spot any error.

We have a new look!

As you can notice, we have a new look up here at the site. I loved the previous one, but wanted to do my ‘mark’ on it, to start. The whole site is currently being updated and this weekend a whole new content will be launched, and then the gallery will start to be updated.

Our gallery also has a matching theme, and I hope you like it.

New Layouts

New Year, New Layout. Nicole made this amazing header for us and I coded into a new layout for the homepage and the gallery. It’s beautiful and stunning, enjoy the new look.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fans & followers. Hoping you’ll have the brightest of them all!


Vote for Anne at People’s Choice Awards

Vote for Anne at People’s Choice Awards. She is under two categories: Favourite Movie Actress and Favourite Face of Heroism.

Happy Birthday, Anne!

A celebration today on a great woman and actress, our Anne today arrived at the big 30!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainbow: a Anne Hathaway Fanlisting!

Rainbow, our fanlisting it’s now open. You can go join it but read the rules first

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