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Anne Hathaway turning drone-war play Grounded into movie

Anne Hathaway will have an eye in the sky for an upcoming movie, taking her 2015 stage performance to the big screen.

The Oscar winner will star in and produce a cinematic adaptation of the one-woman drama Grounded, Entertainment 360 and Sidney Kimmel Entertainment announced Thursday in a press release. Hathaway appeared in the off-Broadway production directed by Julie Taymor last year as a fighter pilot who has been reassigned to control a drone. Written by George Brant, the play examined the ethics of drone warfare and the possible fallouts of it.

Hathaway was allured by the project, so much so she snapped up the film rights before starring in the play, according to the release.

Entertainment 360’s Suzan Bymel and Ben Forkner will produce the Grounded movie, which was written by Brant. Sidney Kimmel Entertainment will finance the project.

Variety first reported the news.

Anne Hathaway and Julie Taymor Bring ‘Grounded’ to the Public Theater

Earlier this month NY Times published an interview with Anne and director Julie Taymor about Grounded!

Q. How did this project come about?

A. Anne Hathaway In 2009, my parents were visiting me and my then boyfriend — he’s now my husband — in Los Angeles, and they were just catching me up on people back home, and they mentioned some friends of theirs whose daughter was a soldier and was a cargo truck driver and had been in an explosion, had driven over an I.E.D., and had some pretty serious brain damage. I realized I had absolutely no idea what life was like for a female soldier. I hadn’t seen movies about it, I hadn’t really read articles about it, I didn’t have any references, and I thought that’s not O.K. So I started looking for stories about female soldiers to tell. One day, I was having my coffee, and I read a review in The New York Times of this play, “Grounded,” and I read the synopsis, and I just thought, Oh my God, this is it.

Julie Taymor I got a call from Oskar Eustis, asking: Would I take a look at a play that she was going to be the only person starring in? I read it overnight and said yes the next day. There was just no question that the play itself was moving, gripping and very important, and political, and then put that with Anne being the actress.

One idea in the play is that we’re all being watched all the time. Anne, you are someone who is watched all the time — at the end of the performance I saw a woman whip out her phone to take your picture. What’s the resonance for you?

Hathaway The reason I was late today was because paparazzi appeared up where I live, and I can’t walk to work anymore because it’s a waste of everyone’s everything — I’m not breathing properly, I’m not able to run my lines, because I’ve got somebody with a camera in front of me. So there is that aspect of my life, but I’d rather not focus on me — I’d rather take it out of the specifics of when a celebrity loses their privacy and say we’re all losing our privacy. Everything is witnessed. I think about my nieces and nephews. They will have no idea what privacy really, really is, and I wonder if they’re going to care? Or if you’ve never had it, if you will have the ability to miss it.

Taymor What she’s saying in the end is bigger than that — bigger than Big Brother. It’s the idea that drones are going to be a part of our life. And we think of them, most people think of them, in a kind of Fisher-Price [way]. Wow — the pizza delivery. How great when the medicine can go to a place where there’s no medicine.

Hathaway It’s not a technology without upsides. But it’s complicated.

Taymor The problem is we haven’t set up any laws and rules yet.

Check the full interview at NY Times Website.

“Grounded” Opening Night Party

Last Friday (April 24) Anne attended an opening night party for Grounded! at The Public Theater and I have added over 100 HQ pictures of the arrivals in our gallery.

Several articles about Grounded! has been published during the weekend. Check some excerpts:

Deadline – Grounded may or may not be a protest piece, depending on your point of view. But it’s unassailably dramatic, kinetic and provocative in a production that demonstrates Anne Hathaway’s charisma and range, and presents another triumph for Julie Taymor, showing once again that this master of spectacle is just as imaginative and ingenious working on an intimate scale as she is on larger canvases.

The NY Times – Here’s some unusual tabloid fodder: Anne Hathaway has joined the Air Force!

Well, no, not really. But that Oscar-winning actor gives a fiercely good performance as a cocky pilot raining bombs down on Iraq and Afghanistan in the solo play “Grounded,” by George Brant. Nor is Ms. Hathaway the only A-lister involved in the production, which opened on Sunday at the Public Theater.

Variety – It’s no good pretending that Anne Hathaway is just your typical journeyman actor working on a challenging one-person play. The Academy Award winner is very much the glamorous young movie star in George Brant’s 2012 play, “Grounded,” incongruously cast as a working-class kid from Wyoming who defines herself and finds her joy as an American Air Force fighter pilot. But with director Julie Taymor (“The Lion King,” “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”) fielding the technology to get inside the pilot’s head, Hathaway masterfully navigates her terrifying dive from high-flying heroics to the appalling reality of guiding drones to their soft human targets.

The Guardian – Hathaway, too, is at pains to accentuate every syllable. She wouldn’t be the first actor you’d think to cast in such a macho role, and she knows it. This is a consciously chameleonesque performance: movie glamour is exchanged for scraped-back hair and minimal makeup; mid-Atlantic vowels for Wyoming drawl. In the opening moments, Hathaway shows just how hard she’s working to make this character persuasive. But eventually she relaxes into it. Or maybe we relax into her. The script demands a heightened performance, especially as the pilot grows increasingly unstrapped from observable reality, and Hathaway delivers. Monomania is one of her specialties, and she goes full throttle here.

Anne Hathaway Officially Opens in George Brant’s Grounded Off-Broadway

Anne has officially landed off-Broadway in Grounded!, The Public Theater production opening night yesterday (April 26) at the Anspacher Theater.

George Brant’s Grounded is about the complicated consequences of waging war without leaving home. The play follows an ace fighter pilot reassigned to a remote-controlled drone, who faces twelve-hour shifts hunting targets from her Air Force trailer, followed by twelve in the suburbs with her family.

Directed by Tony winner Julie Taymor, the show will run through May 24. Buy tickets! has published a review about the play:

The Oscar-winning actress plays a fierce, Wyoming-bred F-16 fighter pilot, a knight of the vast blue wonder who is reassigned to the “Chair Force” to remote-fly deadly Reaper drones in the Middle East while staring at a grainy, grey video screen a few miles outside of Las Vegas. An unplanned pregnancy cost her a place in the cockpit, and when she suits back up after marrying an understanding beau and having the baby, she’s tasked with the videogame-like predatory strikes that force her to redefine her warrior mentality because there’s no risk—no actual combat—8,000 miles away from where her Sidewinders and Stingers will deliver their righteous vengeance.

For 85 minutes, Hathaway, clad mostly in her military flight suit, flies solo, building a character whose sense of reality is slowly slipping with the gradual adverse effects of a high-tech strain of PTSD. Armed with the clipped accent of Holly Hunter imitating Chuck Yeager, her character, the Pilot, is cocky and profane—a woman who legitimately feels castrated by her armchair assignment. Few actresses could muster the spectrum of conflicting emotions required during such a lengthy monologue, but the real challenge is revealing them even while the character doesn’t explicitly acknowledge them. It’s a delicate high-wire act that Hathaway navigates successfully.

Check high quality photos in our gallery of Anne on stage.

Anne featured on Vogue Magazine

Anne is featured on the most recent Vogue magazine, to promote her new project ‘Grounded‘, currently on run at Anspacher Theater in New York. You can find digital scans in our gallery, thanks to my friend Lindsey, and also a bigger quality of the photoshoot.