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Anne Hathaway covers Glamour USA

Anne Hathaway graces the current issue of Glamour USA (on stands now) on its cover and the magazine features an interview by Jutine Harman that you can read here. And a new photoshoot by Billy Kidd.

Our gallery has been updated with digital scans and high quality images from the shoot.

AHS-GlamourUSAJune2018-745.jpg AHS-GlamourUSAJune2018-746.jpgAHS-GlamourUSAJune2018-747.jpg AHS-GlamourUSAJune2018-748.jpg
AHS-GlamourUSA-001.jpg AHS-GlamourUSA-011.jpg AHS-GlamourUSA-009.jpg AHS-GlamourUSA-012.jpg

“Interstellar” Promotional Photoshoot

I updated the gallery with two photos of the promotional photoshoot Anne did with co-stars Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain to Entertainment Weekly (check scans here).

“The Intern” Publicity

I came across one picture today and realized we didn’t have anything about it in our gallery. With the help of our friends from @AHathawayNews I have not only the picture I wanted, but more pictures of the same promotional session Anne did with DeNiro for The Intern, plus some magazine scans added in our gallery.

Anne Is The Face of Keer Jewelry

Following the Bolon campaign, it surfaces now the photos Anne did to chinese Keer Group Co.’s jewelry brand. The photoshoot is absolutely stunning!

Edit: The video campaign was uploaded a few weeks ago, check it:

‘The New York Times’ Additional Portraits

Additional portraits Anne did with Matthew and Jessica for the Time covershoot has been added now:

Photoshoots add-ons

I added to our gallery today some photoshoot pictures we was missing, thanks to Renee from They’re slightly tagged, but beautiful!

(Scans) Time Magazine

Digital scans of November 14 issue of Time magazine is now up at the gallery.

Magazine Scans > 2014 > Time (November 14)

Check out this video of Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway and director Christopher Nolan posing for Los Angeles-based photographer Robert Maxwell. The shoot for this TIME magazine cover took place at The California Science Center in Los Angeles.

Anne is on cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s “Daring” Issue

For November, Anne Hathaway is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s “Daring” issue, featuring a beautiful new photoshoot by Alexi Lubomirski.

Kiss & Make Up With Anne Hathaway: We Dare You

We’ve all done it. Watched an awards show—red carpet, speeches, audience reactions—and judged, and judged, and judged. And it’s fun, right? Sitting on the couch, captivated by our own cleverness. Occasionally someone comes up with a catchy term, like Brangelina, or Robsten (circa 2010). Or Hathahater. It just trips off the tongue, doesn’t it? You could practically trademark it.

The problem is, there’s an actual person, Anne Hathaway, at whom this brutally jaunty phrase is directed. A woman who is sincere to a fault, as earnest as quinoa. A woman who is warm and funny, who has a laugh as big as her personality. Hathaway somehow attracted this “hate” during the 2013 awards season (when she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, for her portrayal of Fantine in Les Misérables) through her perceived inauthenticity, her very actress-ness.

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(Scans) Elle UK

High quality scans of Elle UK has been added to the gallery, as well the photoshoot:

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