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Game of Thrones – Last Night’s Watch

Total Film has published their Last Night’s Watch video with comments on last night Game of Thrones premiere, and guess who’s in it? Yes, Anne is, like me and probably you, a fan of the show. Check her part around the 12:30 minutes mark:

Anne’s HeyUGuys Interview

See more video coverage behind the cut:

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85th Annual Academy Awards (videos)

I have added the two videos of Anne and Les Mis at the Oscars.

Anne Hathaway backstage at Oscars

2013 Best Supporting Actress winner Anne Hathaway credits her husband for helping her win her first Academy Award.

Jane Fonda, Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei: ONE BILLION RISING 2013

Les Misérables: German Berlinale videos

BAFTAs 2013: Anne Hathaway videos on carpet and press room

63rd Berlinale International Film Festival – “Les Miserables” Press Conference

We have added photos and a video from the Press Conference of Les Mis at Berlinale. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > 2013 > 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival – “Les Miserables” Press Conference

Fame in black and white: Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway pose for photographs ahead of the Oscars

It is no wonder they were nominated for Academy Awards.

In a stunning new photo series released on Thursday some of Hollywood’s top names came together away from the silver screen to become the characters that landed them Oscar nods.

Dubbed the ‘Great Performances’, the stunning black and white photographs are part of Time Magazine’s Oscar special.

The iconic magazine asked fashion photographer Paola Kudacki to take portraits of 11 actors who starred in films that captured key moments in history or portrayed real-life people.

Proving their acting mettle, the stars – which includes Quvenzhané Wallis, Jessica Chastain, John Goodman and Naomi Watts – were asked to embody their characters but were stripped back of all costumes or theatrical make-up.

In one of the most striking images out of the photo essay, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman pose together and once again become their characters from Les Miserables, which is set in early Nineteenth Century France.

Soaking wet and holding on to each other – Anne in despair and Hugh in an attempt to comfort and show strength – the pair morph into their nominated roles as the former convict Jean Valjean and struggling prostitute Fantine.

While the 30-year-old actress has gained much of the staggering 25 pounds she lost to play the tragic heroine back, with distant eyes and her hand held to her mouth, Anne is clearly channeling her role.

‘As a woman born in 1982, I take for granted so many freedoms that Fantine wouldn’t even dream of,’ the star, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, told the magazine.

Hugh – who is up for Best Actor at the awards – also felt for his character, who served 19 years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread.

‘One of Victor Hugo’s main themes is how harsh and wasteful the jail system was,’ Hugh said. ‘The goal wasn’t to turn you out rehabilitated. The goal was to turn you out as an animal.’


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