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“The Intern” Interviews Compilation

During the past week Anne and Robert did a lot of interviews. I will post them all on this post, so you can check them all.

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Anne for Refinery29

Refinery29 published today an amazing interview with Anne, in an article named Anne Hathaway Is Our Kind Of Cool Girl, accompanied with an amazing photoshoot by Guy Aroch.

It seems as if Anne Hathaway has been portraying the fashion elite for as long as she’s been showing up on our screens. From that epic makeover scene in The Princess Diaries (not to mention the corduroy jacket that launched a million thrifting trips across the country) to The Devil Wears Prada, where she literally plays the gatekeeper to the most influential fashion editor of that fantasy world — and does it all in head-to-toe Chanel. Her transformations, too, have always taken a trajectory from plain to pretty — ditching the flannels, big sweaters, and knee socks for frills, ruffles, and glitter. But as Anne has shown in more recent years — and through complicated, nuanced roles that create a multifaceted image of what being a woman is — there’s more than one way to do pretty.

In honor of Anne’s on-screen fashion legacy, her real-world perspective about doing things her way, and our Fuck the Fashion Rules manifesto, we shot Anne in eight designers who might do big frills, big ruffles, and big glitter…but you’d be dead wrong to call them precious.

Check some excerpts of her interview below, and head over Refinery29 for the full article, also to see the video interview (which I cannot embed in here).

Hathaway is, clearly, the normest (and nicest) of normcore. While tooling around Long Island with her, it’s easy to forget that, at 32, she’s among the most accomplished actresses of her generation. In fact, it’s easy to forget that even when not tooling around with her, since social media doesn’t remind us daily that she’s appeared in dozens of films since her 2001 breakthrough in The Princess Diaries, a startling number of them critically acclaimed. She’s toggled between crowd-pleasers like The Devil Wears Prada and intense dramas like Brokeback Mountain and Interstellar. She’s been rewarded with one Oscar win (for Les Misérables in 2012) and another nomination (for Rachel Getting Married in 2008). But, at a time when media attention tends to favor extremes — aspirational goddesses like Beyoncé, selfie queens like Kim Kardashian, and impossibly cool girls like Jennifer Lawrence — Hathaway tries to disappear when she’s not working, a quality that doesn’t translate on Twitter and Instagram.

Anne Hathaway and Julie Taymor Bring ‘Grounded’ to the Public Theater

Earlier this month NY Times published an interview with Anne and director Julie Taymor about Grounded!

Q. How did this project come about?

A. Anne Hathaway In 2009, my parents were visiting me and my then boyfriend — he’s now my husband — in Los Angeles, and they were just catching me up on people back home, and they mentioned some friends of theirs whose daughter was a soldier and was a cargo truck driver and had been in an explosion, had driven over an I.E.D., and had some pretty serious brain damage. I realized I had absolutely no idea what life was like for a female soldier. I hadn’t seen movies about it, I hadn’t really read articles about it, I didn’t have any references, and I thought that’s not O.K. So I started looking for stories about female soldiers to tell. One day, I was having my coffee, and I read a review in The New York Times of this play, “Grounded,” and I read the synopsis, and I just thought, Oh my God, this is it.

Julie Taymor I got a call from Oskar Eustis, asking: Would I take a look at a play that she was going to be the only person starring in? I read it overnight and said yes the next day. There was just no question that the play itself was moving, gripping and very important, and political, and then put that with Anne being the actress.

One idea in the play is that we’re all being watched all the time. Anne, you are someone who is watched all the time — at the end of the performance I saw a woman whip out her phone to take your picture. What’s the resonance for you?

Hathaway The reason I was late today was because paparazzi appeared up where I live, and I can’t walk to work anymore because it’s a waste of everyone’s everything — I’m not breathing properly, I’m not able to run my lines, because I’ve got somebody with a camera in front of me. So there is that aspect of my life, but I’d rather not focus on me — I’d rather take it out of the specifics of when a celebrity loses their privacy and say we’re all losing our privacy. Everything is witnessed. I think about my nieces and nephews. They will have no idea what privacy really, really is, and I wonder if they’re going to care? Or if you’ve never had it, if you will have the ability to miss it.

Taymor What she’s saying in the end is bigger than that — bigger than Big Brother. It’s the idea that drones are going to be a part of our life. And we think of them, most people think of them, in a kind of Fisher-Price [way]. Wow — the pizza delivery. How great when the medicine can go to a place where there’s no medicine.

Hathaway It’s not a technology without upsides. But it’s complicated.

Taymor The problem is we haven’t set up any laws and rules yet.

Check the full interview at NY Times Website.

Anne Hathaway Talks ‘Song One’ And Addresses Backlash on Today Show

Anne’s Oscars Advice: ‘Do the Opposite of What I Did’

The actress speaks with Taffy Brodesser-Akner about her new film, “Song One,” and learning to deal with the “Hathahaters.”

You’re not only the star of your new movie, “Song One,” but it’s also the first movie you have produced — and you’re producing it with your husband, Adam Shulman. Do you feel that if this experience doesn’t tear you apart, you’re meant to be together? We felt pretty good at the end of it. It was humbling, because I thought I knew a lot more about making movies than I did.

Was it always going to be you in the lead role? No. We were actually on it as producers for a couple of weeks. And then I went to [the writer and director] Kate Barker-Froyland and said, “I’d like to throw my hat in the ring if you’re interested.” She thought about it for a couple of days and called me back and said she’d like me to play the part.

Was it strange to play a character falling in love with somebody else in front of your new husband? We’ve been together for six years, so we’re pretty well versed on that dynamic. It was more about putting [my co-star] Johnny Flynn at ease. Because all of a sudden, he has a love scene with the producer’s wife — also a producer.

Was your husband on the set that day? No.

The Oscars are coming up. Do you have any advice for Neil Patrick Harris about hosting? Do the opposite of what I did, and you’ll be fine.

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Anne Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Anne was guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live show last Monday (5) as part of the Song One promotion. Watch below part of the interview, in which Anne discuss a new ‘drink’ they invented:

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(Video) The Graham Norton Show

Last October 31 Anne and co-star Matthew McConaughey was guest at The Graham Show, and you can find the whole episode below (the second part is behind the cut tag), plus screen captures in our gallery.

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(Video) Good Morning America

Anne visited Good Morning America yesterday, to promote Interstellar, and you can watch the interview below. Also check screencaptures, and pictures of her at the studio and arriving in our gallery.

(Video) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The lovely interview Anne did to Jimmy Fallon last November 3rd are finally uploaded. Watch the interview below, and see screencaptures in our gallery.

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