‘Nicholas Nickleby’ Gallery Additions

My friend Carmel sent in screen captures of 2002 movie ‘Nicholas Nickleby” and I went ahead and add posters and movie stills of it, since we didn’t had it. Check it:

‘Song One’: First Look On Set

Anne was caught on set today for her new movie Song One. The movie is set to be a modern take on Shakespeare’s comedy, ‘Taming Of the Shrew.’ According to Daily Mail she is having a song written specifically for her in the film

In the modern spin on a classic, Anne will play an archaeologist who falls for a rock star (British singer-actor Johnny Flynn) after she returns from a dig when her brother is injured in the U.S. Check pictures in our gallery:

‘Song One’ begins filming in NYC

This week Anne Hathaway began filming Song One in New York City. Anne will not only star in the movie but she is also producing the film which will include a song specifically written for her.

In Song One Hathaway plays an archeologist who falls for a rock star (Johnny Flynn) after she returns from a dig because her brother is injured. Kate Barker-Froyland is is directing from the script she wrote.

The production has spent the past two days filming at the Coler-Goldwater Hospital on Roosevelt Island.


I hope on set pictures start surfacing soon!

‘Havoc’ Screen Captures

Over 1000 HD screen captures of 2005 film Havoc has been added to the gallery.

‘Interstellar’ Productions Update

Can’t wait for on set pictures!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Screencaptures

So here we go with another movie related update, this time with screen captures of amazing Christopher Nola’s The Dark Knight Rises, with Anne playing the iconic Selina. Action packed/dark movies aren’t my favorites to cap, but you have quite a few good scenes on it!

‘One Day’ Screen Captures

On another movie related update, I have replaced the screen captures for the beautiful movie ‘One Day‘ for untagged ones. This is one of my favorite movies of her, even if it’s too ‘slow’ and quite sad. I love all the visual changes during the movie, as you can see in the previews below:

‘The Princess Diaries 2’ Screen Captures

In another update, here’s screen captures of ‘The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’.

Gallery Update: The Princess Diaries

I just updated the gallery with better quality of ‘The Princess Diaries’ screen captures, and also added posters and promotional stills. I will be updating the gallery during this week capping missing movies and replacing screen captures as well.

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