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Anne Hathaway insists she’s usually a “very, very bad liar” — except when it came to her pregnancy.

“I get very flushed when I lie, so I am very bad at keeping secrets. People can always tell what’s up,” the 33-year-old actress tells ET’s Cameron Mathison at the Toronto International Film Festival while promoting Colossal. “The only secret that I kept, and I will tell you I got really good at lying, was when I was pregnant.”

She adds, “I lied about everything having to do with it.”

Hathaway explains that she chose to be untruthful about her pregnancy as a way of shielding her child-to-be. “I did not feel like, ‘Oh, I am lying,'” she confides. “It was like, ‘No, I am protecting.'”

She quips, “I am a boxing-out mama bear.”

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Colossal, in which Hathaway plays an alcoholic writer who discovers she has a psychic connection with a monster destroying Seoul, South Korea, is slated to hit theaters in 2017.

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Anne visited last week the amazing James Corden show to promote Alice Through the Looking Glass. We had the amazing One Day reunion since the other guest was Jim Sturgess, plus Anne SLAYED again at the Drop the Mic segment, which you can full watch below. Check also some other bits from the interview, plus screencaptures in our gallery.

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The gallery was updated with the photoshoot Anne did to Bolon Eyewear campaign. Also watch below the video:

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Anne visited the Seth Meyers show this week and I have promotional images added in our gallery. You can watch the excerpt videos below, the full interview will be posted later.

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Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway and writer/director Nancy Meyers join HuffPost Live to talk about their new film, “The Intern,” which hits theaters September 25.

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Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, co-stars in Warner Brothers’ The Intern, sit face to face and ask each other revealing questions about their lives as actors and what they took away from collaborating on this film. Watch their unguarded, candid responses to personal questions. The Intern opens nationwide on September 25, 2015.

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Anne’s episode on Lip Sync Battle will take place next Thursday (April 9) at 10/9c on Spike. Check a preview:

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