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Anne for Refinery29

Refinery29 published today an amazing interview with Anne, in an article named Anne Hathaway Is Our Kind Of Cool Girl, accompanied with an amazing photoshoot by Guy Aroch.

It seems as if Anne Hathaway has been portraying the fashion elite for as long as she’s been showing up on our screens. From that epic makeover scene in The Princess Diaries (not to mention the corduroy jacket that launched a million thrifting trips across the country) to The Devil Wears Prada, where she literally plays the gatekeeper to the most influential fashion editor of that fantasy world — and does it all in head-to-toe Chanel. Her transformations, too, have always taken a trajectory from plain to pretty — ditching the flannels, big sweaters, and knee socks for frills, ruffles, and glitter. But as Anne has shown in more recent years — and through complicated, nuanced roles that create a multifaceted image of what being a woman is — there’s more than one way to do pretty.

In honor of Anne’s on-screen fashion legacy, her real-world perspective about doing things her way, and our Fuck the Fashion Rules manifesto, we shot Anne in eight designers who might do big frills, big ruffles, and big glitter…but you’d be dead wrong to call them precious.

Check some excerpts of her interview below, and head over Refinery29 for the full article, also to see the video interview (which I cannot embed in here).

Hathaway is, clearly, the normest (and nicest) of normcore. While tooling around Long Island with her, it’s easy to forget that, at 32, she’s among the most accomplished actresses of her generation. In fact, it’s easy to forget that even when not tooling around with her, since social media doesn’t remind us daily that she’s appeared in dozens of films since her 2001 breakthrough in The Princess Diaries, a startling number of them critically acclaimed. She’s toggled between crowd-pleasers like The Devil Wears Prada and intense dramas like Brokeback Mountain and Interstellar. She’s been rewarded with one Oscar win (for Les Misérables in 2012) and another nomination (for Rachel Getting Married in 2008). But, at a time when media attention tends to favor extremes — aspirational goddesses like Beyoncé, selfie queens like Kim Kardashian, and impossibly cool girls like Jennifer Lawrence — Hathaway tries to disappear when she’s not working, a quality that doesn’t translate on Twitter and Instagram.

“The Intern” Photocall in New York

Anne attended last week in New York a photocall for her new film The Intern, that arrives in theaters on Sept. 25. Check in our gallery some HQ pictures:

Anne Hathaway for InStyle Magazine

The gallery was updated with the new ~amazing~ shoot Annie did to current InStyle magazine. Check it:

‘An Actor’s Companion’ Book Release

Last Tuesday Anne attended ‘An Actor’s Companion’ Book Release in New York, and I have some pictures added. Enjoy it!

Photos: ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ New York Premiere

Added photos of Anne last night attending a New York premiere for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, the new Julie Taymor project. Check pictures added in our gallery;

Lip Sync Battle Promotional Stills

I have added in our gallery 5 HQ promotional stills of Lip Sync Battle episode Anne and Emily Blunt has starred. Check it:

‘China: Through The Looking Glass’ Costume Institute Benefit Gala – First Look

Here’s a first look at Anne at tonight’s Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art “China: Through The Looking Glass”. She looks amazing in a golden Ralph Lauren dress.

Check back later for more pictures. Thanks Kaci for sending those on our way!

“Grounded” Opening Night Party

Last Friday (April 24) Anne attended an opening night party for Grounded! at The Public Theater and I have added over 100 HQ pictures of the arrivals in our gallery.

Several articles about Grounded! has been published during the weekend. Check some excerpts:

Deadline – Grounded may or may not be a protest piece, depending on your point of view. But it’s unassailably dramatic, kinetic and provocative in a production that demonstrates Anne Hathaway’s charisma and range, and presents another triumph for Julie Taymor, showing once again that this master of spectacle is just as imaginative and ingenious working on an intimate scale as she is on larger canvases.

The NY Times – Here’s some unusual tabloid fodder: Anne Hathaway has joined the Air Force!

Well, no, not really. But that Oscar-winning actor gives a fiercely good performance as a cocky pilot raining bombs down on Iraq and Afghanistan in the solo play “Grounded,” by George Brant. Nor is Ms. Hathaway the only A-lister involved in the production, which opened on Sunday at the Public Theater.

Variety – It’s no good pretending that Anne Hathaway is just your typical journeyman actor working on a challenging one-person play. The Academy Award winner is very much the glamorous young movie star in George Brant’s 2012 play, “Grounded,” incongruously cast as a working-class kid from Wyoming who defines herself and finds her joy as an American Air Force fighter pilot. But with director Julie Taymor (“The Lion King,” “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”) fielding the technology to get inside the pilot’s head, Hathaway masterfully navigates her terrifying dive from high-flying heroics to the appalling reality of guiding drones to their soft human targets.

The Guardian – Hathaway, too, is at pains to accentuate every syllable. She wouldn’t be the first actor you’d think to cast in such a macho role, and she knows it. This is a consciously chameleonesque performance: movie glamour is exchanged for scraped-back hair and minimal makeup; mid-Atlantic vowels for Wyoming drawl. In the opening moments, Hathaway shows just how hard she’s working to make this character persuasive. But eventually she relaxes into it. Or maybe we relax into her. The script demands a heightened performance, especially as the pilot grows increasingly unstrapped from observable reality, and Hathaway delivers. Monomania is one of her specialties, and she goes full throttle here.

Anne featured on Vogue Magazine

Anne is featured on the most recent Vogue magazine, to promote her new project ‘Grounded‘, currently on run at Anspacher Theater in New York. You can find digital scans in our gallery, thanks to my friend Lindsey, and also a bigger quality of the photoshoot.

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