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Colossal was released on Digital HD this week on Amazon Video and iTunes, and you can now find high quality screen captures in our gallery. The DVD will be releaed next August 1st!

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Look these amazing news! Deadline is reporting that Anne will star (and produce!) O2 and for what it seems, it will be like Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity – a single performance movie.

Anne Hathaway will star in O2, a contained thriller with sci-fi elements that is fast coming together for a fall shoot. IM Global is closing a deal to finance a film that will fall in the $10 million budget range. In the script by Christie LeBlanc, Hathaway will play a woman who wakes up inside a cryogenic chamber, with no memory of how she got there. She must escape the chamber before her air runs out. Its sci-fi elements make it a closer cousin to Gravity than Buried, even though like both of those, the scenes are largely devoted to a single performer. Suzan Bymel and Hathaway have just signed on to produce with Echo Lake’s Adam Riback and James Engle, and IM Global’s Stuart Ford and Greg Shapiro will also be producers. They will quickly find a director, with CAA representing domestic rights.

IM Global is the same company behind Serenity, that stars Anne and Matthew McConaughey.

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Updated the gallery with pictures of Anne last night in New York attending the release of Kelly Oxford’s book. We have pictures added in our gallery, the quality will be upgraded asap. Also pictures from an Q&A made earlier this month.

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Anne visited last week the Watch What Happens Live show. You will find in our gallery promotional images and also screen captures of the after show.

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I updated the gallery with medium quality images of Anne interviews this month on The View and Good Morning America. The quality will be updated asap.

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Anne was spotted leaving earlier today the “Watch What Happens Live” studios in New York, and you can find now pictures in our gallery.

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Anne visited last night The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, to promote Colossal. Amazing as usual, she talked about an outing to a playground earlier in the day that almost ended in injury.

I took Jonathan to a park… and he loves swings, and I noticed all these other kids were coming down the slide. It looked like an unusual slide,’ she explained. ‘Like, maybe it was built before they had child safety measures in place. It was gorgeous and I noticed the kids weren’t going that fast so I said, “OK, I’ll bring Johnny on.”

I [pulled my] skirt around me and I put Johnny there and we are going down the slide and now the moms are watching, but what I hadn’t thought about was physics.

‘So we just go around the corner and instead of slowing down like the other kids we speed up,’ she explained. ‘It starts to go so fast and all the moms are watching and I’m so self-conscious. As it speeds up my thoughts slow down and I just look ahead and I get very serious and very focused and just think, “I must stick this landing.”‘

‘You know when you almost killed your child, but you didn’t. In the inside you’re like, “Everything’s OK. Walk it off, walk it off,”‘ she continued. ‘Then we went back to the swings and stayed there forever.’

You can watch the videos below. Also screen captures and promotional images are now added in our gallery.

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